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Today is my twins’ bithrday!  I gave birth to them exactly 5 years ago…it was also a Sunday when I delivered them at exactly 28 weeks.  Sadly, they are now with their creator.  The boy, John Adriel lived for only 10 hours because he was the weakest and the smallest (400 grams).  The girl, Caitlyn Elise who weighed in at 650 grams lived for 1 month in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) of Dammam Maternity Hospital.  It’s difficult for me to remember what happened…parang sobrang bilis kasi ng mga pangyayari and very painful.  I visited her in NICU every single day…my husband would drop me off in the hospital at around 2:30 after my class and I would stay with her until 7 pm.  Naghihintay lang ako sa labas ng NICU and i would go in every 30 minutes to check on herShe died on December 22 and the night before she died the nurse told us to say our goodbyes because she wouldn’t make it through the night…she contacted a severe infection, very prone kasi sa infection ang premature babies specially with Elise kasi she was so tiny.  We couldn’t even carry her, we were just allowed to touch her and it was heaven for me.  Parang madudurog ang puso ko when I said goodbye to her.  At around midnight the nurse called to inform us that our baby died.  I cried buckets of tears during her one month stay here on earth, however, i was grateful and thankful for the times spent with her kahit i was not able to hold her in my arms.  Sabi nga sa word of God, “in everything give thanks,” even in trials and hardships dapat magpasalamat tayo sa Panginoon.  Kahit hindi ako nabigyan ng chance na makasama at palakihin sya, nagpapasalamat ako sa Panginoon kasi naramdaman ko kung paano maging isang ina and this is a huge thing for me and my husband.  That’s why every year I celebrate their birthday pati na rin birthday ng iba ko pang anak…I already have 4 angels in heaven and I know someday, in God’s time, I will see them in God’s kingdom.
Here’s a poem for you my precious angels…

The Master Gardener from Heaven above
planted a seed in the Garden of Love.
And from it grew a rosebud small
that never had time to open at all.

For God in His perfect and all-wise way
chose this rose for His heavenly bouquet.
And great was the joy of this tiny rose
to be the one our Father chose
to leave earth’s garden for one on high
where roses bloom and never die…
So, while we can’t see our precious rose bloom,
We know the Great Gardener from the “Upper Room”
is watching and tending this wee rose with care,
tenderly touching each petal so fair…
We’ll think of our darling with angels above
secure and content and surrounded by love.
And remember that God blessed and enriched
our lives too… for in dying, our darling
brought Heaven closer to us.

Happy, happy bithday my precious babies…John Adriel and Caitlyn Elise Mijares Agustin.

We love you dearly!!!


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